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We bolster the relationship between fans with their favorite sports players in an engaged, direct, and personalized manner. We are working with several sports leagues towards making those relationships fulfilling by enabling convenience, delight, and interactive content consumption.


Timing is everything for Gamers; we enable Esports tournaments through live and interactive streaming and introducing entertainment through ambient chants, concerts, 3D avatars, Holograms, Betting, and related data overlays.


eXtended Reality (XR) collaboration will become the next norm for business and education. With social distancing and work from home guidelines, our technology offers a way to work, learn, and interact with one another in a personal and visceral way. We are working with innovative partners to enable Remote Augmented User, XR Conferencing, and Spatial Collaboration use cases.

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South Bay Polo-Independence Day Tournament

Haka 360-All Blacks

Lounge-X Live Sports

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